NOTE: This is a preview version only with four channels combined in low resolution. 

This is a love story.
It’s not a story about a woman and a woman, or two men, or a child and their mother, although it could be all of these things.
This is a love story with a difference.
This is a story about a lover who was left.  Abandoned without remorse. Ghosted and left to deal with the bitter consequences.  A love story about the triumphant return of the prodigal daughter, about time passing and tide turning, so to speak.  

This is a real love story, and it begins now.  – Clothilde Bulleen

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For Far From Here, Claire Robertson returns after 26 years to the mining camp, on Martu Country in the Pilbara region, where she spent her early childhood. Capturing uninhabited fly-in fly-out mining camps, empty homes and deserted housing developments, Robertson employs a cinematic approach where the physical setting serves as an outward manifestation of the human psyche.  This four channel video installation explores what it means to experience a place at a distance. Examining prevailing colonial relationships to the landscape, Robertson questions ‘Are we really here?’

Four channel HD video installation. 18mins. Four channel sound by Tilman Robinson.


12 - 22 May
Meat Market, 5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne

Tue–Sun 12pm–6pm

Sun 15 May 4pm | 60 min | Free


Kelly Fliedner | Ships in the Night
Podcast www.shipsinthenight.info

Next Wave and the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages
Indigenous Language Workshops

17 May12pm | 90 min | Free | Limited capacity, bookings require

This project was developed with the help of Next Wave and has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council arts funding and advisory body, and Creative Victoria.